Monday, 15 October 2012

Yesterday ♥

Hello Blogger ♥ !!
long time didn't post ahaha...miss you all laaa... xDD
by the i want to post about yesterday story....
where should i start??? hhmmm....aaaa...okey....i will star from my PMR test !!
ehehe...PMR ALREADY FINISH !! but still nervous about the result..hhmm.. :/
but it's okey...we can enjoy and can released stress with scream like an idiot
 finish about PMR !
NOw back to another topic about my cute CRUSH ! ^.<
ehehe..about him..hhmmm....yesterday i talk to him..
about his pen-drive because he want to hear  the song that i want him o hear..
but...he didn't bring it..hhmm :/ ..
but it's long as i can text with him..hehehe..
yesterday also..he talk to like this "PETANG NI KMU MASIH ADA EXAM" ..
he so caring boy....eheheeh.. *Ngegeh*
ahahahaa...okey..this are all the post that i want to share to you guys..
ABOUT YESTERDAY !! ehehe.. ^.^

Thursday, 6 September 2012

I Try Not To Love You AnyMore

Hello Blogger !!how are you?? i'm fine as always..but not always la..
just a little bit hurt..ehehe..-PEACE- by the way..
today i want to post about aaahhmm...about..about....eerrmm...
okey..i really want to try that..but..i always miss you and more in love with..
how???give me some advice or whatever..
PLEASE !! D': .. i already can't stay anymore...fell like want to go far far far far FAR!!!
away from here...i already have been hurt all the time..!!
it's all because of you. !!...i don't want to see you anymore..
and i don't want to see your girlfriend...
I HATE IT!!!..
you still don't know  still don't want my feeling to you...
you still "buat tak tauk" jak...
but i can hide the tears behind my smile that i always give to you..and my friends..
my friends also don't know..what my feeling..i always keep it in a secret....
even you always see me smile all the always think that i'm HAPPY right??
you WRONG !!! i smile because i hine the pain !!
okey...i already make my mind...i will never thinking of you... 
i will never wishing you were mind...
i will never dreaming about you...
i will never look at you...
i will never "cari kmu"
and i will ignore you..if you call my grandfather name...
you got it ?? !!


Thursday, 16 August 2012

painful :'(

Hello guys~! long time didn't update my blogger..ehehe..
here..i want to share to you guys the tears behind my smile..
that i always give to my my CRUSH..
i really don't want to show the painful and heartbroken..
to my friends and family..i don't want to see them sad..
btw..the secret behind my smile is...
I smile..went i see you two..walk together every Morning..
I smile..went i see you walk pass her class every Morning..
I smile..went i see you help her bring her bottle..ever Morning..
I smile..went you..went you..write her name at your FACEBOOK..
and many more secret that i have...but i can't tell you guys now..
i can't help it...i just can't..IT'S VERY-VERY PAINFUL..YOU KNOW!!!...
and please...don't class stairs okey....
i don't want to see you guys again...i can't stand went i see you two walk together
but..i still can be patient...okey...
by the two can also..use another stairs right??? why you two..must using my class stairs??
i know..that your girlfriend class is on top of my class..
you guys still can use another stairs bah...
okey..that all i want to say about my secret that i hide... :')

Saturday, 14 July 2012

feel guilty :(

Dear you , 
        i'm very sorie about yesterday...i know that u mad at me...i'm very2 sorie..
        yesterday..i miss u so damn much...that y i mcz u....i though u not bz...
        hope u can apologize me...i really love u...when i firsy saw u...i fall in love with..
       but i know that u always love...but i don't want to tell u..that i like u..yesterday..i want to tell u that...
        but i cant..because i feel so scared to tell..i scared that my heart will break...
        i dont want .....pls..if i tell u that i love..pls dont break my heart again....
        PLEASE !! ;'( ... I LOVE YOU DAMN MUCH....

        btw...i still feel so guilty.... :(

                                                REALLY FEEL GUILTY!!! about yesterday..                         

Saturday, 9 June 2012


Hello !!!!!
long time didnt post2...ahaha....
tomorrow already go to school...feel like....
aaa...i don't know la....aaaiisshhh ~ ==''
but...tomorrow i can meet with him again...
ahaha...him and my ex boy....
feel So HAPPY  !!!! XDD
and can meet my friends again...miss with my friends loorrhh..
long time didn't see them...
ahahaha... HOMEWORK...didnt finish went..
haiyaa....why me so lazy this year...
makin dekat PMR makin


Tuesday, 22 May 2012


HELLO !!!! me so Happy to day!!!!
u know why??? and wave at me!!!!
wwwwaaaahhh!!!! feeel like what to jump!!!! folio sejarah not yet finish~
haiya...why me so mls this year...want to finish my folio..?? -.-'
okey..this night...i want to do my folio until i can~
i don't want to get out from that school...
okey..bck to him...ME SO HAPPY!!!!
SO HAPPY!!!! AAAAAA!!!!! >< !!!

Friday, 13 April 2012


HELLO!!!!long time no update my post...
i want to tell u guys that..
i really like this kind of pets or animal...
the fur so soft and beautiful...
hope i can found this animal....
like this cartoon...
and...i like the head also...
like this picture i take...
cute right!!!!
that why i  like it..
hope i can get it.. :/

Thursday, 15 March 2012


just finish watching that movie~
ahaha..emotion btul tengok cerita tu...hhiishhh~ kind a fun..watching with my sis n my little bro..
i like watching it again with my cousin...
it very2 fun if watching with whole family...
but i like this one song that i like the most on the movie..


Tuesday, 13 March 2012

my ideal type boy idel type boy is...

1. can play guitar very well...
2. when the boy smile his face is cute....
3. can treat me well...
4. can make my family happy...
5. always by myside...
6. always take care of me...
7. love me 4 me only....
8. always love my family...

that allll...
that all my ideal type boy that i like...
hope i can got the boy that have my ideal type....
i really hope so..

Monday, 12 March 2012

Missing u~

Awk....sya rindu sangat kt awk..
awk xrindu kat sya ka???
sbb sy rindu awk...
1. sya rindu mok chatting ngn kmu...
2. sya rindu ngn kmu sbb kmu selalu jk bgi sy semangat...
3. sya rindu awk sbb awk selalu jak buat sy senyum...
4. sy rindu awk sbb sya cute...*sot*
5. i miss u when i miss so much~!!!!!!!
itu lah semua sbb apahal sy rindu ngn kmu.... :')

Sunday, 11 March 2012


Just because I'm quiet 
doesn't mean I'm mute
Doesn't mean I'm boring
Doesn't mean I can't be outgoing
Just because I'm quiet 
Don't make fun of me 
Don't judge how I am 
Don't treat me like an animal
Just Because I'm quiet
I still want make friends
Still love to have conversations
Still want to share thoughts
Just because I'm quiet 
Doesn't mean that's me

She looks in the mirror
And see's someone staring straight back at her
A lost little girl
With cold hard eyes
And no expression on her face
Trying to cover up the pain she feels
A lost little girl
With too much anger inside of her too control
So she takes it out on everyone around her
Because she can't stop herself
A tear falls from her eye
Realizing that this lost little girl
Who is staring back at her
Is in fact herself
Her reflection
So wiping her tears away
She steps closer to the mirror
Looks herself in the eyes
And whispers to herself
"Who have I become?"

Peace and love,
his kiss is soft as a dove.
He makes me smile all the time
and he is just so dand fine.
I am the flower and he is the bee,
when we come together we become equally.
I realized it all along is our love really this strong?
And every time i see his face,
my heart begins to race.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Awk~ awk tauk x yg sya suka kat awk??? xtauk kan..ehehe~
tpi awk sdh ada yg punya..sya tengok awk mcm suka sangat kat gerek awk tu..
tpi awk ckp..awk xsuka kat spa2 gik...walaupun awk xsuka kat spa2 gik...
sya tetap xkan kcau hubungan awk ngn dia..*janji*.. Awk~ awk suka kat sya x???
klau awk xsuka kat sya..sya blh terima dgn hati yg terbuka..tpi klau awk suka kat sya balik..
sya hapy sangat!!! -ngegeh-....IALWAYSLIKEYOU!!!
tpi sya hrp hubungan awk ngn dia akn kekal~ (^^,)
sya tetap senyum dgn awk n grek awk tu. :') ....sya tetap senyum... :D 

I Love You, Is what I want to hear,

I Love You, Is all I need,

I Love You, Is how I feel,

I Love You, Is what I want to know,

I Love You, means everything to me..... ♥ ♥ ♥