Thursday, 16 August 2012

painful :'(

Hello guys~! long time didn't update my blogger..ehehe..
here..i want to share to you guys the tears behind my smile..
that i always give to my my CRUSH..
i really don't want to show the painful and heartbroken..
to my friends and family..i don't want to see them sad..
btw..the secret behind my smile is...
I smile..went i see you two..walk together every Morning..
I smile..went i see you walk pass her class every Morning..
I smile..went i see you help her bring her bottle..ever Morning..
I smile..went you..went you..write her name at your FACEBOOK..
and many more secret that i have...but i can't tell you guys now..
i can't help it...i just can't..IT'S VERY-VERY PAINFUL..YOU KNOW!!!...
and please...don't class stairs okey....
i don't want to see you guys again...i can't stand went i see you two walk together
but..i still can be patient...okey...
by the two can also..use another stairs right??? why you two..must using my class stairs??
i know..that your girlfriend class is on top of my class..
you guys still can use another stairs bah...
okey..that all i want to say about my secret that i hide... :')

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