Monday, 15 October 2012

Yesterday ♥

Hello Blogger ♥ !!
long time didn't post ahaha...miss you all laaa... xDD
by the i want to post about yesterday story....
where should i start??? hhmmm....aaaa...okey....i will star from my PMR test !!
ehehe...PMR ALREADY FINISH !! but still nervous about the result..hhmm.. :/
but it's okey...we can enjoy and can released stress with scream like an idiot
 finish about PMR !
NOw back to another topic about my cute CRUSH ! ^.<
ehehe..about him..hhmmm....yesterday i talk to him..
about his pen-drive because he want to hear  the song that i want him o hear..
but...he didn't bring it..hhmm :/ ..
but it's long as i can text with him..hehehe..
yesterday also..he talk to like this "PETANG NI KMU MASIH ADA EXAM" ..
he so caring boy....eheheeh.. *Ngegeh*
ahahahaa...okey..this are all the post that i want to share to you guys..
ABOUT YESTERDAY !! ehehe.. ^.^