Thursday, 17 January 2013

Hello :D

Hello blogger !! xDD long time didnt post..ehehe..
anyone miss me ?? :P aha .. lol..
hhmm..Today i want to post about somethings importance ;P
but not that importance laa..ehehe.. xD
i want to post...aaaaa.. *blank* aha.. xD 
okey..i start the story.ehehe.. xD ..
okey..last last last last last last last last week ~
at my first day of school..was so damn good and awesome..but a little bored..ehehe..
and..that time also..i see this boy but he from 3 Dahlia..
he face look familier like the boy that i like this year..
the boy that i like is shool at SM VOKASIONAL ..
even though he not so handsome .. but he kinda cute.. :P
back to the from 3 boy.. he cute also..ehe..
me and m friends also disturbing him when he walk through our class..
ahaha..just this and my friends just now his name..his name is.. *Rahsia*
cant tell you guys..ahaha xDD..okey..i only post about the from 3 boy and the boy that i like at
vokasional school.. <3 ;D

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